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Andy John U7s Fix

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Soccer Sunday's
's Fixtures


Sunday 6th October 2019

Kick Off 11.15am

4 v 4 No Keepers, 15 Minutes Games

Pitch 1     B v V,B v N, B v P, B v C, V v N

Pitch 3     N v C,V v P, V v C,  N v P, C v P
                  P       C         N         V        B 

Pitch 2     J v O,J v A, J v E,J v L, O v A
Pitch 4     A v L,O v E,O v L,A v E, L v E
                 E       L       A       O       J

  Pitch 5     T v D, T v F,T v Y, T v I,D v F
  Pitch 6     F v I, D v Y,D v I, F v Y,I v Y
                  Y        D       F        I       T

 Pitch 7A     X v W,  X v K, X v M,X v H, W v K
  Pitch 7B     K v H, W v M,W v H, K v M, H v M
                    M         H         K        W         X

Pitch 8A     G v S, G v R, G v U,G v Q, S v R
Pitch 8B     R v Q, S v U, S v Q,R v U, Q v U
                   U        Q        R        S         G

A, Morriston Town Reds Steve
B, Morriston Town Blacks Adam & Ian
C, Ragged School Jnrs Gary
D, Garden Village Blacks Steve
E, Garden Village Whites Ryan
F, St Josephs Greens Ashley & Tyrone
G, Penlan Blues Rob
Sandfields Colts Kevin
I, Penllegaer Greens Carl
J, Penllegaer Whites Tom
K, Gower Galaxy Rockets John
L, Gower Galaxy Stars Nick
M, St Josephs Whites Steve
N, Pontardullias Simon
O, Pontardullias Simon
P, Clydach CFC Adam

Q, Glais AFC Jules & Chris
R, Garden Village Blacks & Whites Michael
S, Morriston Town Reds & Blacks Jordan & Ashley
T, Gower Galaxy Comets John
Landore Colts Nicky
Penclawdd Yellows Alan
W, Landore Colts Blues Nicky
, Penlan Yellows Rob 
Y, Penclawdd Blues Alan

Gower Galaxy Colts Nick N/A 6/10/19

  All Teams Will Have 4 Games.

Coaches will need to have a Leaders Award or working towards it, a DBS and Clubs Will Need To Have Their Own Insurance.

If you don't have a Leaders Award, Football Specific First Aid or a DBS, please don't let that put you off coaching in the U7 age group, just visit the FAW Trust website and find out where the local courses are being organised and you can go from there.

Fixtures will be drawn and on here by the Friday prior to the Soccer Sunday.

Please do not worry about safety issues, all pitches are state of the art 3G surfaces, which will not cause friction burns or cuts to children if they fall.