Football's, Bibs and Cones For Sale
These Quality Footballs are exclusive to Reeco's Soccer School's, if you decide to buy a batch of 50 or more Size 3 or Size 4, they will all come with your club badge on them and the beauty of that is, if you go somewhere where there are a lot of teams, everyone may have a Mitre, Nike, Sandico, Macron of Joma ball, but none of these will have a club logo on them. The club logo on your ball will allow you to easily identify your ball.
Here are just three of the same pattern but the balls come in many patterns and colours, just let me know what colour you require and I will send you on some pictures. 
These have to be paid for up front and ordered in batches of 50 minimum order
Costs of 50 Balls
Size 3's are 8.00 a ball
Size 4's are 9.00 a ball
Costs of 100 Balls
Size 3's are 7.50 a ball
Size 4's are 8.50 a ball

Mesh Training Bibs Come in the following colours
26 Inch Chest 3 - 5 Yr Olds Small Childs 12.50
26 - 32 Inch Chest 6 - 10 Yr Old Childs 15.00
36 - 40 Inch Chest Youth 17.50 
40 - 48 Inch Chest Small to Large Adult 17.50
48 - 50 Inch Chest Extra Large Adult 17.50

Sets of 50, 10 Orange, 10 White, 10 Red, 10 Yellow and 10 Blue
12.50 1 Set
24.00 2 Sets
33.00 3 Sets
42.00 4 Sets
50.00 5 Sets
For more information on the above items, you can rings me  
Reeco on 07779495480
Thank You
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