Charity Fundraisers- Reeco’s Soccer Schools

Here are the Charity Fundraisers
Claire and I Have Been Proud To Be a Part Of Over The Years
"Carry Out A Random Act Of Kindness With No Expectation Of Reward. 
Safe in the Knowledge That One Day Someone Might Do The Same For You" 
Princess Dianna

Tony Blake Memorial Charity Football Festival
Venue PlayFootball, Swansea
Saturday 2020 for Age Groups U6's, U7's & U8's
Sunday 2020 for Age Groups U9's & U10's

Saturday 2020 for Age Groups U6's, U7's & U8's
Sunday 2020 for Age Groups U10's
Dates to be arranged by Tony's Daughter Jo.

Leon Britton's Signed Shirt & a Pair of Tickets to watch The Swans raised a Grand Total of £ 500 for SA1UTE, The Armed Forces Charity for Veterans.
The Winner was Dominic Glynn No 64.
Lee, Paul, Carl, Marty & myself would like to Thank every who bought tickets.
Reeco's Baldy Raised
£ 1670

The event took place in my Daughters Salon Haircer and Be Beau at Haircer in Clydach on Monday 15th August 2016.

I love my quiff and always have, we are very close, my quiff and I lol, and some say I was born with a quiff lol. 

Thank You So Much to everyone who has paid and pledged for my sponsored headshave.
RIP Nell, You're an Angel Now X

Nell May Connick RIP Angel x

Sponsored Bike Ride
£ 2356

The Riders Were

Marcus Fender, Jamie Morris,Robert Feathers,Jenna Evans,Steven Alexander

Olivia Llewellyn -Watkins & Her Nanna, Julie Llewellyn & Roy Dexe

Ashlee Williams, Rhiannon Williams, Matt & David Williams, Tom Feathers, Leanne Rees

Danielle Casey, Gemma & Nick Bridger, Julie Llewellyn.


We all raised
£ 1343
Every Penny Was Donated by Trampface 2016 toSSAFA West Glamorgan
This Charity Football Festival was a mark of Respect to both Lee West and Paul O'Dwyerfor the charitable work they both do.
PlayFootball, Swansea & TPTS Fitness Club
are the Sponsors of the
Trampface 2016 & SSAFA
Charity Football Festival
Saturday 16th July & Sunday 17th July 2016
Claire and myself were hopeful of raising £ 1000, it was written in hope though but
everyone who was involved in both days raised well over that.
£ 50 Donation to Loughor Lifeboat
I was so impressed by this great recovery run over the 30 yards from the halfway line by Shaun MacDonald ending in one of the best technical slide tackles you will ever see. I said to all my Facebook Friends for every share it got, I would donate £ 1, it got 48 shares, so I will round it off to £ 50.
John Edwards of Loughor Lifeboat, picked up the funds raised.
Top Man Shaun. Boom.
How Da Ya Like Those Apples Ronnie Bach lol. ATB. Reeco
These kind hearted souls are Rhianna Chellew's RIP Angel Minion Barmy Army who rode for Rhianna on 16/8/15 to raise funds and awareness of an 8 year old Rhianna Chellew. On behalf of Johnny Dad, all The Family, Paddy Cullen A Very Close Family Friend, Claire and Myself. Thank You to everyone who made the effort to Ride For Rhianna. The Craic was different class and I am glad no one became dehydrated and if we never never stopped in Clydach, we could have all suffered badly lol.
Estimated Funds Raise will be well over a £ 1000, as that's already been paid in. ATB. Reeco
Charity Four & Five a Side Football Festival
Conjunction with Playfootball, Swansea
On Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th July 2015
Raised £ 1,408.
Thank You To Everyone for your support.
Funds Raised As A Mark Of Respect to Danielle and Carl Casey to present the funds to their chosen charities. ATB. Reeco
The Total Funds Raised For Rose RIP Was
£ 4834
Rose was presented with £ 2500 by Taylor and Brooke Casey on Sunday 2nd November at Coed Gwylim Parc, Clydach.
Rose and Gerald decided the remaining
£ 2334 
will go into the funds we are raising for Little Felix Forbes

Little Felix Forbes
Claire and myself had always said, we were going to help raise £ 5000, then we were going to stand down from an excellent committee, we achieved this through great teamwork and a lot of effort by the committee around Christmas of 2014.
Claire and myself would like to wish continued success and good luck to
Little Felix, Alex, Dan Forbes, all the Family and an excellent committee.
ATB. Reeco

Loughor Independent Rescue Lifeboat

Football Festival in conjunction with
PlayFootball & Reeco's Soccer Schools

Sunday 6th July 2014

We All Raised

£ 1091.60

for The Loughor Station

It will be rounded up by Claire and myself to £ 1100. ATB. Reeco
HR Jones &
Garnffrwd Fishery
Sponsored Charity Fly Fishathon
all proceeds going to the lifeboat stations at Loughor and Port Talbot
We All Raised
£ 500
for each Station

Thank You Very Much to James Miller of Garnffrwd Fly Fishing Fishery for hosting, the HR Jones and Garnffrwd Charity Fly Fishathon. Total amount raised from everyone was £ 712 + £ 250 from Carl Thomas Casey, + £ 10 Andrew Griffin, + £ 28 Martyn Davies of
The Private PlateCompany has kindly said he will make the funds up to £ 1000, so each station will now recieve £ 500 each, Thank You Martyn.
The Loughor Independent Rescue Lifeboat and The Port Talbot Lifeboat Station will receive the some of
£ 500 each.
It was an excellent day yesterday and to raise nearly £ 1000 in total is a credit to everyone who raised the funds, they were counted and witnessed by my long time Mate Kelvin Roberts Co Organiser TYVM Mucca.
All of us had a great crack. There were fish everywhere, it was an awesome sight.
Craig Herbert, raised the most money, so his reward is a fly rod and reel donated by Mark of HR Jones, Clydach.
Thank You Mark.

Prizes for fishing are as follows, If I have got it wrong I apologise, but I think it's right
1st Gary Thomas 17 points 11 fish, A Days Catch & Release Day Ticket donated by Jamie from Garnffrwd, Thank You Jamie.
2nd Adam Thomas 16 points 11 fish, A Days Catch & Release Day Ticket donated by Jamie from Garnffrwd, Thank You Jamie
3rd Daniel Blackmore 15 points 10 fish A wonderful selection of flies tied and donated by Andrew Taffbargoedflies,
Thank You Andrew
4th Kevin Midwinter 7 points 4 fish,
A Days Catch & Release Day Ticket donated by Andrew Taffbargoedflies, Thank You Andrew
Can I just say, Anglers like Garry Thomas, Adam Thomas and Daniel Blackmore, have a gift when it comes to fly fishing and If I was picking a Welsh Fly Fishery Team, I would invite them into the squad.
I am going to ask all anglers to attend the presentation and if you would like to bring your Children along too, it would be great if the Children present the funds on our behalf.
Thank You To Everyone who was involved. ATB. Reeco

Marie Pearson
received the sum of £ 1000.00 on Friday 15th November at The Railway Inn Swansea, Claire, Ian Parton and myself raised from selling raffle tickets for a squad signed Swansea City Shirt and Squad Signed Bournemouth AFC Match Worn Shirt, Kindly Donated by
Shaun MacDonald. Thank You Shaun x
Marie was chosen because of all the good work she does in the community and well done Marie, you deserved it. ATB. Reeco

The Paul Jakey Driscoll Memorial Bike Ride
The Paul Jakey Driscoll Memorial Bike Ride starts at the Bowens Arms, Skewen on Sunday 20th October 2013 at 7.30am. The route we take will be passing through, Skewen, Llandarcy, Margam, Port Talbot, Pyle, Laleston, Bridgend Police Headquarters, and we will ride back to the Bowens Arms.
We all raised a massive £5,249.82 for Little Macsen Williams from Birchgrove, and Thank You To Everyone Who Kindly Donated, Rode in the Event and Who Was Part Of The Support Team Lead by Alan and Susan Robertson. ATB. Reeco

Game v The Swansea City All Stars
Venue: Academy of Sport, Llandarcy on 3G
Date: Sunday 29th September 2013
Kick Off: 2.00 pm
After speaking to Cameron, he has kindly agreed to play a fund raising game for Paul Mathias, Paul is Ex Military, he has recently started an organisation/charity, Buddy Buddy Scheme which is sadly no longer going.
We All Raised £ 438.00 on the day and Barrie Baz Williams donated £ 12.00 to make it a final figure of £ 450.00
Thank You to everyone who contributed to the final figure. ATB. Reeco
India Jaz White
Charity Football Festival

I would like to thank Matt Burkill General Manager for his kindness for the complimentary use of PlayFootball to help raise funds for India Jaz.
Total raised was
£ 520
Breakdown 28 teams £ 10 each = £ 280, £ 140 raffle donations, and Graham Fifield of Garden Village and his work mates raised the big some of £ 100. The funds will be transferred today.
Thank You to my Wife Claire for selling raffle tickets, collecting entry donations and handing out fixtures also drawing the raffle prizes last night, the Coaches and the Clubs who turned up, the Parents who supported the event, everyone who bought a raffle ticket, most of all the Children who made the day very entertaining, it was a fantastic friendly carnival type atmosphere, with some fantastic football being played.
Thank You to everyone who kindly donated a raffle prize. ATB. Reeco
The 2012/13 Shirt is a signed match worn shirt from
Kemy Agustien
I would like to Thank Kemy for the 2012/13 Centenary signed shirt.
The second one is an Old Skool very rare Adidas white one an I have to thank
Jamie Robinson for the very rare old skool classic.
Alan The Legend Curtis did sign this shirt for Sue.
We smashed the Target of £ 500 and our final Total was £ 1180.00. In aid of
Amelia-Mae RIP Little Angel. xxxx
The Winner of The Amelia-Mae Raffle Draw was Sue Anderson. I would like to thank Claire Rees for all her help once again and Steve Jones for being the witness to the whole process of the draw from start to finish, I would also like to thank Lyn the Landlord for leaving us do the draw at the Railway Inn Swansea.
A Very Big Thank You To Everyone Who Bought A Raffle Ticket. ATB. Reeco
Wednesday 24/7/13 Claire and myself were proud to donate the sum of
£ 700 cash to the
Loughor Independent Rescue Lifeboat
It was a real honour to meet so many real life unsung heroes.
I would like to Thank Lindsay Fraser aka @Fritters7 for kindly donating the Adidas Shorts, everyone who bought them and Claire my Wife for helping me sell them. ATB. Reeco


To all who helped raise funds for Brandon!

Sometime back Reeco very kindly offered his support in helping me raise over £2000. This was to have a people lift fitted to a 4x4 enabling Brandon to enjoy the outdoors & remote areas like any other able bodied person. The fact that Reeco “volunteered” himself to assist in this cause is testament to his giving character & willingness to help others.

Brandon, myself & his mom Eldene, wish to express our sincere appreciation to Reeco and all the people (so many!) who donated, auctioned & sponsored to raise the funds needed to buy this equipment. In addition, the support received from Big John Hartson in signing many many footy items to assist the fund raising was simply fantastic!

Whilst this was going on, a popular supermarket also offered to contribute towards the people lift but as time went on, it was becoming apparent that nothing was happening. To our surprise, we recently received a letter informing us that the funds were on the way, which was fantastic news, but by this time, the lift had already been bought!

After discussion with Reeco & my family, we decided to put the surplus money into having a therapy type bath installed for Brandon, which will help him in dealing with his condition. It was also decided to donate £1000 to the John Hartson Foundation for testicular cancer.

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to all who helped & contributed.


Martin Plant ( Brandon’s Father )

I have alsogot to say a Big Thank You, especially to the Big Fella,John Hartson for helping us to raise themoney needed to buy Brandon a chair lift and now a hydro therapy bath.I would also like to thank everyone for supporting Brandon's chair lift appeal by way of a donation or by buying anything I sold on behalf of Brandon's appeal. It's great to see Big John'sFoundation get a well deserved £ 1000.00. ATB. Reeco