Code of Conduct- Reeco’s Soccer Schools

Code of Conduct

The philosophy of my coaching/teaching is centered around the 4 C's:
I want to help build your child's Character.
I want to help your child to be more Confident.
I want to help your child develop a sense of Commitment.

And I love to see Creativity in everything in life and I would love to see your child develop this powerful quality through soccer.
To do this, I have my own set of standards, which I would like you to understand and re-enforce:
I operate my courses on the basis of learning through fun, but with a sense of discipline that is relative to soccer and life:

*Your child's safety is my primary concern and I will always make sure that your child is supervised at all times and  for example, that toilets are cleared for the sole use of the children when required.*

*I explain to all children that they must behave with courtesy and respect at all times.*

*I or my coaches will not tolerate any form of bullying whether physical or otherwise.*

*I explain to all children that they must come to me or my coaches with any problems or situations they are uncomfortable with at any time.*

*I promote good sportsmanship and fair play.*

*I ensure that the laws of the game are followed.*

*There is never any pressure for any child to "perform" and I always allow children to develop at their own pace.*

Let's not all forget that we want to make this a fun environment and when I see your child happy, it makes me and my coaches happy too!

If you have any concerns or requests for that matter then please do not hesitate to contact me:
07779 495480