SA1UTE Charity Golf Day at Fairwood Golf Course


Placing’s and Winners

Winning Team Aspire 2Be Simon Pridham 4 Ball Voucher Neath Golf Course

Longest Drive 10th Lee Gamlin 4 Ball Voucher Grove Porthcawl

Nearest Pin 6th Team Craig Cox Paul Davies Spixon Balls Received

Nearest Pin 12th Team Craig Cox Paul Kisley £ 40 Cash Received

Raffle Prizes ( Free Draw )

1st Lee Cat 2 Titleist Balls

2nd Chris Cat 1 Champagne

3rd Martin Stroke Titty Gian Dutto Chocolates

4th Rich The Cat Cat 1 Putting Machine

5th Mel Harris Team Tucker Belgian Chocolates

6th Gordon Lyle Umbrella

Thank You To Everyone Who Supported SA1UTE’S Charity Golf Day. ATB. Lee, Paul, Carl & Reeco

1, T Off 12 Midday  Gordon Lyle Paid £ 100 into Paul's Paypal
2, T Off 12.10pm  Team Tucker Mark Tucker
PAID into Paul's Paypal. Thank You
3, T Off 12.20pm  Craig Cox PAID Cash to Reeco. Thank You
4, T Off 12.30pm  Aspire2Be Simon Pridham PAID to Paul. Thank You.
5, T Off 12.40pm Stroke Titty ( Simon Thomas )Paid Thank You

6, T Off 12.50pm  Cat 1 ( Rich Packington ) Rich PAID Cheque to Reeco. Thank You
7, T Off 1.00pm  Cat 2 ( Andrew Rees ) Rich PAID Cash to Reeco. Thank You

8, T Off 1.10pm  Sherwoods Spatz ( Woodsy ) PAID into Paul's Paypal Account. Thank You
9, T Off 1.20pm Team Slug ( Carl Dent ) Paid into Paul's Paypal Account. Thank You
10, T Off 1.30pm David Fudger Thomas PAID Cash to Denty. Thank You
11, T Off 1.40pm Adrian Jenkins
PAID Cash to Reeco. Thank You
12, T Off 1.50pm Philly Knight PAID into Paul's Paypal. Thank You                                                   
13, T Off 2.00pm Dexters Swingers Gareth Williams mi Tour PAID
into Paul's Paypal . Thank You

Lee, Paul, Carl and myself have to Thank Erol Golbas Head Green Keeper at Fairwood Golf Club and The Club themselves for kindly allowing us to use such a wonderful Golf Course to raise funds for SA1UTE, The Armed Forces Charity For Veterans.

We would also like to Thank Teams and Golfers who are playing in this Charity Event. ATB.
Lee, Paul, Carl and Reeco


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