Soccer For Tots- Reeco’s Soccer Schools

Soccer For Tots Course

For 3 - 5 yr olds

Venue : Academy of Sport, Llandarcy ( Indoor on 3G )

Saturday 4th January 2020 - Saturday 25th July 2020
Three Blocks of 10 weeks, payable by 3 instalments of £ 50

Time : 9.20 - 10.20am

Anyone can have one taster session, just pay £ 5.00 for One Session

Anyone can join at anytime if there is room.

This Soccer For Tots Course is more than just kicking a round thing on some green stuff. It will enable your child to have a lot of fun, on a very safe 3G surface, indoor and to get involved in football, there are so many benefits to this course, they will get the opportunity to mix with other children and learn vital social skills, it will help your child's confidence grow, while improving all round co-ordination and technical ability over time.

They will take a lot of pride being involved in football, a sport which the whole world is so passionate about.

All sessions will be in an enjoyable, highly motivational environment without any pressure whatsoever.

Children are placed groups of abilities aswell as ages. The cost is £ 5 per session and we ask all Parents to pay in blocks of 9 or 10 weeks. You can bring your Son/Daughter and just pay for one session, just to see if he/she enjoys, if they enjoy, on your second session, you can pay for the remaining sessions left in that block, when a new block is due, Claire will send out a text to let everyone know.

My mobile number is 07779495480

If you have a financial situation that may stop your son or daughter coming on a course, please speak to me, as I am a reasonable man, and if it means that much to them to attend a course, then I am sure we can both sort out something, as long as you give me your word that you will pay me when you have the finances to do so.

There will be a limited number of places due to the size of the facility, sorry.

 So please book early to avoid disappointment via the booking form