Testimonials- Reeco’s Soccer Schools

 I have been sent these e-mails by Children, Parents, and Coaches and they have written about the experiences they have had through my schools

"My son T has been regularly attending Reeco’s Soccer School with friends since the age of 5 - firstly the Saturday Tots & since 6 years old the half term week courses.

He has learned a huge amount about the game in this time – not only the obvious control, passing, etc, but also the other sides of the game – fitness, discipline & also the importance of a healthy diet."

As a parent it was great to see the children were rewarded for bringing a healthy lunch. My son would even come home asking for tomorrow’s sandwich to be replaced by pasta or rice!

Also disruptive Children are made aware of the impact their behaviour will have on the larger group, but done in a way, which will not intimidate them.

The progress my son has made in 3 years owes a heck of a lot to Reeco, his fellow coaches & his Soccer School – also T has made many new friends with other children attending.

I cannot recommend enough!


Mark G

"My boys have attended two of Reeco's soccer school's and have really enjoyed both. They all gain so much from the experience, in both skills and confidence.

Each child enjoyed different things.

My oldest son, who's 10, found that he improved his co-ordination and stamina.

My second son, who's 8, enjoyed the challenge of playing against older players who were as skilled and able as he is.

My youngest son aged 5, hadn't played before. He developed ball control, team spirit, and confidence.

Reeco and his team offer the children a safe, well-structured programme, suitable for the novice to the most experienced football player. I would recommend it to everyone and know my children will be attending many more camps In the future. We have tried similar soccer schools over the years, but this is the only one my children nag to go to time and time again."

!!!!!!!!FIRST CLASS!!!!!!!!

"My son loved every minute of his week with you, he came home filled with excitement and enthusiasm for the game of football. Not only have his skills and understanding of the game improved but also he has got to grips with the importance of a good healthy diet, which I feel as a parent I should positively promote.

I was so impressed with the way Reeco encouraged the boys ( only boys on this occasion ) to recognise good play and effort in their teammates and in the way he created an atmosphere which allowed the boys to give each other a pat on the back and get involved in some friendly football banter, even in a competitive sport, which we see less and less of nowadays from the highly paid professional players, which the boys use as role models and aspire to become.

I feel that there are so many other influences which could have dragged my son away however Reeco's week gave him an opportunity to experience an active week, improve his game, make new friends, be part of a new experience and develop as a young man, and all this for a ridiculously reasonable price, he has already asked for another week with Reeco and I have already agreed to send him, surely that must be testament enough as to Reeco's Soccer Schools success, thanks J, S & R."

'Hi Reeco and Just a quick email to you, to say that R had a wonderful time and is so much more confident when playing and training. He can't stop talking about the skills he has learned and he is out the garden now practicing with his father some of the techniques you have shown him. He is only 6 years old and it has developed his football so much - he is also really trying with healthy eating. He has taken all his certificates, trophies and medals to school today and was a very proud little boy.

Thank you for giving him such a wonderful time and we will be in touch shortly to try to get him on the course you are running in October half term.

All the best."

D, K, and R

"My son whose seven and he is a very quiet child who lacks confidence attended a Reeco's Soccer School course, we thought he would not last the day but really enjoyed it, he even wore is Cardiff City kit and did not get any comebacks from the other kids. I would advise anybody who has kids to get them on a soccer course, they learn skills, they make friends and they will really enjoy ....thanks Reeco and the lads from M and R."

"S had a fantastic time. He has learned a lot in a short time with your help. He can't wait to go on another one of your courses. Thanks for your professionalism during this time. Definitely a must for a budding footballer!" S and J.

"Reeco, I had a really fun week and loved playing football all day long. I made lots of new friends. I listened to you and have been practicing my skills in my garden. I have seen my picture on the internet, I thought it was great you said I tackle like Roy Keane. I promise to try to smile more and to keep eating like a champion. Thank you for a lovely week. Hope to see you soon."

from JT.

"A big thank you for putting on such a wonderful week. J is not a very confident boy as you probably noticed and often says he is no good at football, but it was it lovely to see that not only did he learn a lot of football skills during the week but also he returned on Friday a much more confident boy. He loves football and I know he felt extremely proud of having his picture on your website - thank you for what you wrote about him. He can't wait to come again to one of your courses."

regards JT's Mum.

From St Joseph's FC Swansea

RE: Reeco

Reeco and St Josephs Under 14's

"I happened upon Reeco some years ago when running an under fifteen team for St Joseph's. We were a side which had steadily improved over a number of seasons to the point where we were beginning to challenge on all fronts for honours. It was my, and indeed the players, good fortune to be in the right place at the right time when Reeco had a free couple of hours on our training night. He brought his equipment, knowledge and enthusiasm into our session and soon had eighteen fifteen-year-olds eating out of his hand. The session was highly constructive, from the point that it re-educated me and my fellow coaches. Training up until then had become a bit humdrum. When Reeco took the helm the session becomes a fun event when the players were so engrossed, they didn't even realise they were actually working.

I will go as far as to say that Reeco actually spurred us on, with that one session with us going on to win the double that year and the next. Also, one of my players went on to be capped by Wales at Boys Clubs of Wales level, for the next three seasons. Reeco's infectious enthusiasm for the game provided me and my coaches with a much-needed shot in the arm to take the team to the next level and I thank him enormously for that.

When that team ran it's course, I then started over with the St Joseph's under eight side. I am still running that side and they now compete at under 14. Just lately I made contact with Reeco again after a few years and he kindly did the same thing and has been along coaching my new crop of youngsters. He's done the same thing and injected me with newfound enthusiasm and I also see great things ahead for these boys too.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Reeco to anyone wishing to provide any group of players, young or old, with first-class, enjoyable coaching."

Thank you.

Ray Davies
St Joseph's Colts AFC

"Reeco, Thank you very very very much for coming to teach me football." From T.

"Dear Reeco, Thank you very much for T's one on one football lesson, I wish I had seen it as he got so much out of it and thoroughly enjoyed himself." D (T's Mum).

Reeco, Wishing you all the luck you deserve.

"I was a headmistress of a junior school for 6 years and I have to say you are the most enthusiastic, patient, dedicated coach I have ever met." V.

"Reeco, Thank you so much K has been eating really well all week, I don't know what you told him but it has made him think about what food he is eating."

"Hello Reeco, Thank you for an enjoyable soccer camp, I will recommend it to others."

RG The Smiler.

"Reeco, My son has come on leaps and bounds this week, he seems able to concentrate more, and is more involved than he normally is when he plays football and is starting to feel much more confident about making tackles."


"Dear Reeco

"M had a brilliant week and has told me he definitely wants to attend next year.

I would also like to thank you for asserting the importance of healthy eating. For once I managed to get the fruit down him every day and he has continued this.

I think the soccer school is also important for the kids to learn discipline and the importance of teamwork."

Thanks again

See you next year

"S has actually started to eat pasta, rice, and he has stopped eating rubbish and started to eat fruit. He also wants to join a team, please can you help me find one for him."

"Reeco T hasn't stopped talking about the course he really had an enjoyable time, met a lot of new friends and wants to know when is the next one."