U6 U7 Notification- Reeco’s Soccer Schools

Please Take The Time To Read This All, It Is Very Important We Are All Singing From The Same Hymn                                                                                            Sheet

Hi All, This is one massive team effort, Playfootball play their part,

Claire and I will play our part, Clubs and Coaches play their part,

Family members play their part and finally the Children play their part and if

anyone is not a team player, the above will suffer.

Over the years there has been situations with vehicles coming and leaving via

the narrow road to and from Playfootball, especially when irresponsible vehicle owners park on Double Yellow Lines.

Code of Conduct

Coaches and Best Practice

Coaches/Helpers, you will need to be working towards your FAW Football

Leaders Award and also towards getting your FAW Football First Aid Certificate and as many
of you are coaching at Club's, I would like to think you have

started this process if you haven't, please visit The FAW Trust website to see what Coach Education Courses are on offer in West Glamorgan.

You also have an important role to play if any of your Parents become over the top or unruly,
If it's brought to my attention that the behaviour of a certain person is in a manner that may
cause a situation, I will be coming to see you as

Coaches first, then making you aware of it, you should then deal with it, if you don't deal
with it, that's when I will deal with it, by having a chat over a cuppa and just letting you
know, that unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.

If a Family member keeps on continually being unruly, depending on

circumstances, they may face a ban, but that won't be my fault, that will be

their own fault, because of their behaviour. ( only one situation has ever arisen in my 14 years of running the football for the U 6's & U 7's, hopefully there will not be anymore situations arising this season ) but I am just laying the ground rules down, so we all know where we all stand.

The games will be 4 v 4 using Pugg Goals ( No keepers and don't try bending the
rule and put a defender on the line, as you will be making a rod for your own

back, and buy and use a whistle just trust me )


Game Duration
The U 6's is 10 minutes and for The U 7's is 15 minutes.

There shall be no Parents allowed on the pitches ( unless a child is hurt ) and

again, it's down to all Coaches to make sure this rule is enforced, if it does happen, I will be speaking to you, to sort it and if you don't, I will,but it is your job at the end of the day.
After the end of each game shaking hands is very important.


Sunday Morning Protocol

I will check the weather and make a call for that Sunday, if I do call a game off,it will be a
health and welfare call with only the Children in mind, this will be

my decision only and it falls squarely on my shoulders, it's a nightmare to makesometimes,
but I know I have to make it. All Coaches

will all get a text off me as soon as it’s dawn, if you don't get this text by 8am, something is wrong with my

mobile, we have two safety nets, please visit Reeco Rees ( Facebook ) as I will also post the decision for that Sunday on there.

The last safety net is my website www.reecossoccerschools.co.ukand visit the webpage of
your Child's Team.

Games Called Off

If a game gets called off by myself, the teams get a credit for that week.


It's £ 10 per team, per pitch, per week, payable in advance on the first Sunday of every
month for that month, as I have to pay Playfootball in the same

manner. Subs must be made on the first Sunday

of that month, no excuses, as Claire can only be there on the first Sunday, for the clubs who
would like to pay by cheque, it's not a problem, but you will need to sort it out with whoever
a couple of days before it's due, the £ 10 subs cost
has been the same price since I first started 14 seasons ago.

You still have to pay for the following Sunday if you let me know your team can't make it after 6 pm

on Wednesday evening. If you let me know before this deadline, your team will get a credit
for the following week.

Pugg Goals

If you do not know how to fold a pair of Pugg goals DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO SO as they cost £88 a pair to replace. 

Family Members

That's all I am asking of you is, just come along with a smile on your faces, let the children
play, put them under no pressure whatsoever, no over the top shouting as it will unsettle
some of the Children on both teams on the pitch.

If a young Child does something he shouldn't, it will be down to the Coaches

to make it right, by awarding a free kick, then getting the Children to shake

hands, if a Child repeatedly keeps kicking and pushing other players, the Coach should ask
that player to go and take a couple of minutes time out, just to calm down, then after they
have calmed down, they should be allowed back in

the game, if that player is still pushing and kicking other players, then as far as I am
concerned, that player should go home for that week and as Parents, you

should help the Coaches to get the Children to understand that pushing and kicking out at
other players is not fair.

Coaches have a very important part to play in all this, because if they do their

job properly, everything will be OK, if they don't, that normally leads from one

thing to another and then they will lose all discipline on pitches.

Finally my advice to everyone is leave the Coaches do their jobs on the pitch.

My Part in all this

I give you my word, I will turn up every week no later than 8.15, as Kick Off will be 9.00am, I will respect your time, and all I ask is Coaches and Family members do the same to everyone else's time as-well.

I will also compile the fixtures every week and they will be on my website on by Thursday U6's and Friday U7's.
It is every coaches responsibility to print out their own copy of the fixtures as I will not be providing them on a Sunday morning.

Everything above is only there to help everyone have a fantastic weekly

experience and please remember it may only be kicking a round thing on some green stuff to you, but to these young Children, this is the highlight of their

week and as their elders, we should all want them to get the most out of every Sunday experience.

If anyone would like to talk to me regarding any of the above, my mobile number is

This Poem Says It All.

Let The Children Play
They stand on the field with their hearts beating fast
The whistle has blown, the die has been cast.
Mum & Dad cannot help, they stand all alone
A goal at this moment would send the team home
A ball near their feet, they kick and it misses
There's a moan from the crowd, some boos and some hisses
A thoughtless voice cries 'take him off mun'
Tears fill their eyes, it's no longer fun.
If you have ever been tempted to shout or to groan
Just think, it's a child who stands all alone
So open your heart and give them a break
It's moments like this that players you make.
Keep this in mind, please do not forget
They are only children, they're not adults yet!
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope everyone has a fantastic
season, especially the Children.
Thank You.
ATB. Reeco