What The Pros Say-It always seems impossible until its done..

What The Pros Say
"If anyone wants great coaching and advice from a talented and honest qualified 
football coach Reeco is one of the best around."
John Hartson:
Wales, Arsenal, West Ham, Celtic, Coventry City, West Bromwich Albion, Norwich City, Luton Town.

"I have had the pleasure and the guidance of working under Reeco while being my coach when playing for Swansea City Centre of Excellence...after all these years we still chat and keep in touch, it's always great catching up with him and hearing how well he is doing for everyone back home in the Swansea area. Such a down to earth man who loves and enjoys his job so if you have any children who are looking to enjoy their football Reeco is the coach you need!"
Shaun MacDonald:
Wales, Swansea City, Bournemouth, Rotherham United.

"I first met Reeco when I was at Swansea City School of Excellence. He was one of my coaches while I was there and I can only say good things about him. Not only was he one of the best coaches I had a kid but he was one of the nicest and the most caring guys you could ever meet. Without his help, I wouldn't have represented Wales at schoolboy level in the Victory Shield and from that, I would leave Swansea to sign for Southampton who was then in the Premier League. I have no doubt his soccer schools are run professionally with plenty of enjoyment as well. So thanks Reeco for your help I'm sure you will do the same for all your kids at your soccer schools."
Mathew Crowell:
Swansea City, Southampton, Wrexham.

"What a nice man and a top coach with young kids, you couldn't ask for anyone better to help your child enjoy football. Never seen anyone as enthusiastic as Reeco! He coached me for a while when I was at Swansea City and was a pleasure. Been to some of his coaching schools in the summer and the kids love him. It's all about the fun and enjoying it however good you are!"
Richard Duffy:
Wales, Swansea City, Portsmouth, Port Vale.

"If any wants great coaching and advice about football Reeco is the guy to go too! I first meet Reeco when I was with Swansea city Centre of Excellence! He was one of my coaches when I was there! Not only was he one of the best coaches I had when I was a kid starting at Swansea but he was one of the nicest and most caring guys you can meet! He always brought fun and enthusiasm to every training session we did! If It wasn't for Reeco I wouldn't be where I am today, playing football at a high level! Thank you."
Scott Barrow:
Swansea City, Gateshead.

"I've known Reeco a long time as he was my first coach I played under when I was first brought to Swansea City and to this day I still regard him as one of the best coaches I have worked with, I've been fortunate and worked my way through the system but I feel I owe a lot of credit to him! his sessions were alyways enjoyable
 and his knowledge he passed on really helped my improvement not only as a player but as a person! I'm sure his soccer schools will be enjoyable and the knowledge he passes on will only improve the children both on and off the football field!"
Lee Lucas:

Swansea City, Motherwell, Merthyr.

"Reeco gave me a chance to play at a high level when I was a young boy at Swansea City Centre of Excellence. I moved to New Zealand playing in the ASB Premiership and also for the Junior All Whites. I am now in Australia playing in the Queensland State League. Reeco is easily one of the best coaches I've had the pleasure of working with I wouldn't be where I am today without his help as a youngster. He's Top coach and I owe him a lot."
Alex Barlow:
Center of Excellence, Swansea City.

would like to thank all of the abovefor taking the time to write about me and my coaching style. 
It is very much appreciated and it makes me very proud indeed.